IMPORTANT !!! Please read this text before PUBLISHED OFFER YOU: registering property and adding to the site of ISG - International Real Estae, you can izberete one of two options for offering your realtor. FIRST OPTION (FREE) - Your property is visible with the coordinates of ISG - International Real Estate and will be celebrated as a property offered by the ISG - International Real Estate, in the case of finding a customer by us, you will be offered sign a contract. Under this contract ISG - International Real Estate - as a professional intermediary in real estate transactions will be entitled to a commission in the implementation of the proposals deal with your property. Under this option, you need to contact us by phone (+359892977744) or e-mail ( ) to activate your offer FREE. SECOND OPTION (PAID) - the property is visible on the site with information so you created a personal account - your address, phone, email contact form from which the questions will be addressed personally to you and so site visitors and potential clients will have a direct connection with you. To post however the property in this way, you will not have to pay for the service offered by us by way of what are described. What you earn? Sure visitors to our site, avoiding commission fees help us when needed, your personal account from which you can manage your offer and watch the number of visitors and many other extras. * Price activation of property (Only the second option - PAID) : 1 EUR
* Property featured price (Only the second option - PAID) : 3 EUR

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