Complex of two-storey houses


A complex of 13 luxury houses with magnificent sea views and Sithonia's outstretched silhouette

On the eastern coast of the Kassandra Peninsula, in one of the busiest and most prestigious resorts of Hanioti, at a height of about 650 meters from the beach, a small complex of two-storey houses with a third basement floor was built, divided into two groups of 13 houses with a total pool to each group (14m x 8m and separate child section at one end). There are six houses with an area of ​​187 m2 and seven houses with an area of ​​201 m2. The fully dug-out basement, which is separated as a separate apartment with a separate entrance, has one bedroom, living room with kitchen and dining area, laundry room, storage room, boiler room and bathroom. On the ground floor are located, bedroom, living room with fireplace kitchen and dining room, bathroom and ground floor with direct access to the adjacent terrain. Internal stairs lead to the second level, where there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and two terraces, one with a wonderful sea view and the magnificent Sithonia silhouette in the distance and the other with a view of the nearby wooded hills. The floors are terracotta, the window frames are aluminum with external sun blinds and the roofs are tiled with tiles. The houses have built-in internal heating system without mounted boilers and radiators. The plot adjacent to each of the houses has an area of ​​750 m2 and is grassed and well landscaped with a separate parking space for two cars to the property and possibility to build on the buyer's request of an individual swimming pool. The plots of the final houses have an area of ​​1000 m2 and the area of ​​the whole terrain on which the complex is built is about 13 decares. Situated in a quiet and relaxing yet communicative place in the resort, the houses combine the coolness, quietness and tranquility of the nearby wooded hills with the gleaming rays of the southern sun and the wonderful sea beach. Although they are located in a complex, houses are independent of each other and create the feeling of self-contained housing. The property is supplied with all communications necessary for its normal operation and is also suitable for year-round habitation. The houses are for sale unfurnished and can be fully or partially furnished after an additional agreement with the buyer. The price of houses with an area of ​​187 m2 is 350000 Euros. The price of the houses with an area of ​​201 m2 is 400000 Euro.

Indoor amenities

  • true  Luxury  true
  • true  Bathtub/Jacuzzi  true
  • true  Ground  true
  • true  Furnished kitchen  
  • true  Heating  

Outdoor amenities

  • true  Balcony  true
  • true  Grill  true
  • true  Brick  true
  • true  Isolation  true
  • true  Parking  true
  • true  Swimming pool  true
  • true  Playground  true
  • true  Pavilion  true


  • 650 Beach:  650m

Image gallery

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Address Chaniotis, Greece

Purpose:   Sale  

Country:   Greece  

County: Kassandra

City: Chaniotis

Type:   House  

Area:   More than 100m2  

Size precise: 201 m2

Floor:   3  

Garage/Parking Area: Yes

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Rooms: 9

Energy efficiency:   A++  

Energy efficient: 40 kWh EP / m2, year

Gas emissions: 5 kg CO2 / m², year

Heating:   Topically  

Construction type:   Brick  

Furniture:   Unfurnished  

Flooring:   Tiles  

Category:   New Construction  

Market status:   Top Offer  

Sale price: 350000 €


+359 892 97 77 44

Property location

Агенция за Недвижими Имоти
BG - 2600 Дупница, България
+359 892 72 44 22
+359 892 97 77 44